Who we are?

Photography is a great art for people to try, and yet a lot of people really don’t even know how to begin.

Some people would say that individuals who are in that situation should just return to school in order to learn photography. However, not everyone has the time or the money to do that, especially if they are mainly interested in taking photography as a hobby. Usually, people can only justify going back to school if they are going in order to learn professional skills, thus allowing them to eventually get a job that will allow them to earn back the money they spent on their studies. It is also important to note that lots of students will learn certain core principles that will guide them as photographers, but they will often still develop their own styles anyway. As such, giving those new photographers all the right initial tips is much more important.

girl-549153_640We created this website in order to help amateur photographers get started in a way that is actually efficient, in sharp contrast to the expensive and time-consuming way that a lot of them start. Photography is something that you learn as you go, but we’re happy to help people get started.