Canon Vs Nikon: Which one should you consider?

Which is the best DSLR?

As an amateur photographer you will definitely ask-who makes the best DSLRs? In fact it is only two brands, Nikon and Canon, which give photographers the dilemma to choose their preferred DSLR. Now and again you will find professional photographers switching from one brand to another, moving from Nikon to Canon or moving from Canon to Nikon.

Interestingly, these two manufacturers have realized the importance of amateur photographers; hence they have invested heavily on the beginners range. These brands know that as a beginner, once you become hooked into their brand, you will remain loyal and invest into their camera system. As an amateur photographer, either of the two manufacturers have a well supported system.

Therefore when comparing Nikon and Canon, you will realize that though there are a lot of differences, there are equally a lot of similarities and hence find difficult time choosing the best. Remember that it is the system such as the lenses that matters but not the body of the camera. Here is how the two brands compare.maxresdefault

How the two brands compare


As a beginner you will encounter a different terminology when operating either Canon or Nikon. For instance, for the shutter priority mode, will find that Canon use “TV” while Nikon uses “s”. Also, for the Autofocus modes, Nikon has “Continuous Autofocus” while Canon has “Al Servo Autofocus”. In this case Nikon has simpler terminology that is easy to remember but the performance between the brands is quite close.


Cameras from the two brands have sensors of similar size. The factor that you might want consider when deciding which brand to choose is the image quality-though they both have excellent image quality. Here again it boils down to personal preference.

Nikon’s DSLRs sensors perform a bit better in low light because they are able to eliminate the optical low pass filter without an abundance of moiré. The light has to pass through the filter first before getting to the sensor. On the other hand, the latest DSLRs from Canon have more emphasis on the megapixels, and also use optical low pass filter. Again you cannot simply choose your preferred DSLR here basing on the sensor technology. Both Nikon and Canon will give you the best image quality.


When it comes to speed, Canon will seem to have taken the number one position. For instance, in the advanced models, the Canon EOS 7D is an excellent choice for sports photographers since it has 10 fps burst rate. On the other hand the Nikon D7200 hits only 6fps.

But again, since you are an amateur, Nikon has low budget models that have higher speeds than that of Canon. For example, Canon’s T6S’s 5 fps cannot compare to Nikon D7200’s 6-7 fps.

Video Quality

For many years, Canon led the pack when it came to video quality. Nikon development of the autofocus has closed the gap and is on the same level as Canon when recording videos. In fact some Nikon models have got up to 60 fps as compared to Canon equivalent that has 30 fps. Traditionally, Canon produced the best but recently Nikon has caught up with Canon.

What consider before you choose between Nikon and Canon

First, you should consider your current experience and your current budget. This will help you to know what the manufacturer can offer at your current situation, secondly, you should consider the single most important thing in a camera. Is it the video quality, resolution or speed? Thirdly, it is important to know what the manufacturer can offer if you want to upgrade later on.

In a nut shell, it is not easy to pick Nikon over Canon or Canon over Nikon. Neither of them is a bad choice.

They both offer excellent cameras with high image quality. Before deciding which way to go, you need to consider a lot of things, and once again it is also a matter of personal preference. However, as a photographer, you should be able to capture fantastic images and videos with any DSLR.

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